Hi!  I’m Melissa Sirois, and These words are my own is my little space on the Internet.  It’s where I express myself, share my work and write about things that inspire me.

Who am I, you ask?  What am I all about?

For starters, I’m a student– a journalism major at Quinnipiac University, to be exact.  I have a minor focus in psychology, and I also dabble in public relations and digital design.

When I’m not in class or doing homework, I’m usually bouncing between two part-time jobs and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life.  Students everywhere can understand this struggle, I’m sure.

I’m a self-identified conservative, but I have a few liberal tendencies.  I’m Type A by nature, which is a blessing and a curse.  I’m someone who feels a strong connection to her roots; I care about where my family comes from and the values that they have instilled in me.

I believe in hard work, not hand-outs.  I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember.  I’d like to take a solo trip abroad someday.  I’m interested in fashion and women’s issues.  And I have a passion for learning.

I’ve tried my best to make this blog feel like a home on the Internet– if not for you, then at least for me– and I hope it can be appreciated and enjoyed as such.

Interested in reaching out?  Let’s connect!  I’d love to hear from you (:


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