Totes Magotes

July came and went before I could even blink my eyes, and now it’s late August and basically time for all of my friends to move back to school while I gear up for another year of #commuterlife.  Honestly, I kind of love back-to-school season– and, come to think of it, I don’t really know what I’m going to do once I’m a real adult whose years no longer run on a student’s timeline.  But I digress…

While others anxiously wait by the mailbox to receive their class schedules and locker combinations, many of us cool college kids are concerned about bigger things…like landing an internship or applying for grad school or figuring out how in the hell we’re going to carry our laptops around practically and stylishly.

The solution to that last not-so-huge problem lies in the World of Work Totes.  I’m having a terrible time deciding which of the following bags that I want to claim as mine– and wondering whether or not it’s in my best (financial) interest to even buy one in the first place.  Nonetheless, I’ve taken the time to get schooled in these styles for fall:

Totes Magotes

(counterclockwise, from left)

Transport Tote | Madewell | $168 (also seen in Dark Cabernet)

Downing Tote | J.Crew | $178

Claremont Python Dover Tote | Dooney & Burke | $388

Leila Large Tote | Vince Camuto | $198

Leila Large Studded Tote | Vince Camuto | $248

Have you yet found a bag perfect for everything from classes to an internship to errands and anything in between?  Share your pics and links below, or tell me which of the above options you’re swooning over, then get ready to tote-ally kill it this semester (;


23 thoughts on “Totes Magotes

  1. A Peachy Sonder says:

    Great picks! I carry a Cole Haan leather bag right now that I’m loving. It’s perfect for me. And real life isn’t that bad, but soak up your freedom as a student while you can!


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