Oh, Canada!

Hello, readers!  Anyone wondering where I’ve been?!  (Anyone? ….Anyone at all…?)  Well, perhaps the better question would be, “Where haven’t you been?”  Today I’m here to share those little details and then some!

Some of my family members and I rounded off the month of July with a road trip to Canada!  (I’m half French-Canadian, after all.  It only makes sense to go back to my roots.)  Our first stop brought us to the Adirondacks of New York, where I have aunts, uncles and cousins and where a family logging company has thrived since the early 1970s.  Shout out to Tupper Lake!

Next we spent a few days in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada, where we were reunited with even more aunts, uncles and cousins.  I even met some family members that I was unaware of before!  We also casually crossed the border into Madawaska, Maine for an afternoon.  It was so incredible to spend time with family and get to know the people that my father had grown up around for most of his early childhood.

On the trip back home, we spent a beautiful afternoon in Montréal, Québec.  We shopped along Saint Catherine Street downtown and dined at Reuben’s, a swanky restaurant specializing in smoked meats and, of course, reuben sandwiches.  I had to go with the filet mignon.  C’est bon!

I didn’t go crazy on our shopping trips because the time was mostly spent with family that I hadn’t seen in years.  But between Montréal and the huge tax-free store right before the Canada-U.S. border, I made out with some quality finds, detailed below.

Oh, Canada!

Angelica Hydra Vital Cream | L’Occitane

Cropped Racerback Ribbed Tank | Garage

Indigo Ink Super Soft High Waist Jegging | Garage

Nadine Top | Brandy Melville

Full Exposure Palette | Smashbox

Some other finds included my favorite face wash, a black cropped tank, a dainty necklace and a sweet set of rings.

Surprisingly, I’m most excited to have invested in some of the basics, like those jeans and that fancy moisturizer.  These are things that I know I’m going to use the hell out of, and with fall fast approaching, I knew it couldn’t all be cropped tops and cut-offs.  I’m also not much of an eyeshadow girl, so I’m hoping this palette of nudes, and Urban Decay’s Naked palette, will continue to inspire me to at least try it out.

It was a vacation well spent, but at the end of the day, there’s no place like home.

Where are you headed before the summer’s over?  I’d love to hear about your travels or whether you’ve been anywhere that I visited recently.  And follow me on Instagram for more of what I’m up to this August!


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