Hidden Gems

This past weekend, after the stressful shifts at work were out of the way and before the fam celebrated Father’s Day with some Capitol Lunch, I took a trip to Wally World in an effort to cross some things off the “Stuff I Need” list.

But before we could even make it to the beauty department, my sister and I stumbled upon an endcap full of hidden gems.  There was a sale on jewelry, a major sale, and I found statement pieces at prices I’ll probably never see again.

I walked away with four major pieces of jewelry and a hopeful, excited heart full of love for the future looks in which they will be featured.  (Not to mention the fact that they barely made a dent in my wallet.  I was still on budget to continue with my shopping list!)

1. Neutral Layered Necklaces  |  $7 (clearance)

2. Neutral Drop Earrings  |  $5

3. Punchy Statement Necklace  |  $5

4. Aztec Layered Necklaces  |  $7 (clearance)

As you can probably already tell by the price markers on the products themselves, this fine fashion jewelry was a steal to begin with.  Now consider the fact that those originally priced at $10 were brought down to $7….It was pretty much a no-brainer, guys.  Had to do it.

While I had some trouble finding these exact pieces online, I found some similar ones.  And seeing as the clearance prices are posted online, I can almost guarantee that you can find even more great deals at your local Walmart, as well.  It’d be worth the trip!

What I love about the layered necklaces is that they were packaged to be worn together, but each one comes apart and can stand on its own.  So when my outfit is extra bland, I can stand to stack ’em, but I can also do the opposite for a more casual look.  I love freedom of choice, especially because my outfits tend to evolve depending on my mood.

I can’t wait to wear each of these pieces for a professional look or with a pop of color for summer.  Stay tuned, y’all!


16 thoughts on “Hidden Gems

  1. Marie H. says:

    Whaaaat? That’s awesome! I never go into Walmart but these are such great finds!

    Marie H.
    href=”http://www.progressionbydesign.com/”>Progression By Design


  2. Tiffani says:

    I thought I was the only one who knew about their pieces! A few months ago I ran in there to grab some markers and walked past the jewelry collection… I was pleasantly surprised with how cute and affordable some of them were. The only downside I noticed was they smell a little… off? Maybe its just me, but otherwise, they are super cute! Love your finds!


  3. Sara Holt says:

    I’m a Target girl myself but happen to spot some of those hidden gems for just $5 a couple of weeks ago on clearance. For a price that cheap, a girl can’t go wrong if she only wears it a time or two (:


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