Guess Who’s Back (Back Again)

I’ve written this post over and over again in my head, but I’ve found that my thoughts and words seem to flow more naturally when I actually get to sitting down and writing them. So here I am, sitting outside on a small porch balcony, sleeves rolled up, iced coffee in hand, trying to decide whether or not I owe an explanation for my YEAR-LONG ABSENCE.

I know it’s kind of supposed to be a big deal in the blogging world when you take a break from posting without informing your readers. But blogging experts also say that running a blog shouldn’t feel like a chore, and maybe that’s what it was starting to feel like to me. So I’m sorry if you’ve missed me, but I’m also not sorry because I took some much-needed time off to focus on myself, my life, my schoolwork, my relationships and my goals.

But I’ve missed it, too. Oh, how I’ve missed it. It feels so right to be back in my zone of absorbing information and drawing inspiration from everything around me and thinking, Hey, that could be a cool blog post. (This might sound super lame to basically everyone, but I’m really a dork, and I always have been.) I just miss writing for the sake of writing. And that’s kind of what I want this blog to be about.

I don’t want this blog reboot to be more drawn out than it needs to be, but CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THIS WHOLE NEW BLOG THING I DID. Essentially, I’ve moved everything over from Tumblr and have chosen WordPress as my new hosting platform. (No disrespect to Tumblr—I still reblog the hell out of everything on there.)

I’ve reinvented my About page and wrote a bio that feels more like “me,” and I am also currently in the process of creating and designing a professional online portfolio to showcase all of my work.

More posts will follow shortly, but in the meantime, check out some of the things I’ve been up to in the past year:

  • made the Dean’s List
  • enjoyed two Florida vacations
  • re-learned Adobe Photoshop and mastered Illustrator and InDesign
  • created this multimedia piece, of which I am very proud (!!!)
  • perfected my resume and hunted for internships

I’m so happy to be back and can’t wait to share more posts with you!  Until next time…
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.19.59 PM


14 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back (Back Again)

  1. Jordyn says:

    I say there is no reason to apologize for a blogging hiatus (no matter how long it lasts). Blogging really shouldn’t feel like a chore and if you need a break I say embrace it. Now that you’re back I can’t wait to read more of your content-your accomplishments over the past year lead me to believe you are incredibly driven and creative so I imagine your blog will reflect that. Glad to have you back in Blogland! xxoo!

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  2. Jordyn says:

    There is definitely no reason to feel guilty leaving your blog for any amount of time if it is what you need to do. Blogging shouldn’t feel like a chore! It sounds like you’ve accomplished some amazing things over the past year, happy to have you back in Blogland girl!

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  3. Tiffani says:

    Yay for being seniors in college now! I took a LONG blogging break about 8 months ago for a few months and when I jumped back in to it, I felt like such a stronger blogger! Welcome back 🙂

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  4. gettingfitfab says:

    WOW you’ve had a busy year off!!!! Good for your girl! Sometimes a break is what you need especially when blogging starts to feel like a chore. I have taken months off or wrote a post when I felt inspired. 🙂

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  5. Kaitlin @ Heaps of Me says:

    Welcome back to blogging, pretty site! I switched from weebly to wordpress when I transitioned from a food blog to a lifestyle blog and essentially launched a whole new blog with new social media channels etc. I LOVE wordpress and I haven’t looked back! Xx

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