Product Review: Make-up by One Direction

Attention all teeny boppers, music lovers, and make-up enthusiasts alike!  If you haven’t already heard about One Direction’s latest exciting business venture, then listen (read) closely: the British boys are releasing their very own line of limited edition make-up!

Make-up by One Direction is debuting three make-up tins, each named after one of the band’s popular musical hits (Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories.)  The three tins together comprise the Looks collection.

Last week, I hosted a giveaway and provided you, my super special readers, with the opportunity to win one of the collectable tins before they are released to stores.  I’d like to thank all of you that entered and wish you the best of luck!  Markwins International, the brand behind this coveted new line of make-up, will be notifying the winners via email.  Keep a close eye on your inboxes!

I can guarantee that the winners of this giveaway will not be disappointed.  I received the Up All Night collectable tin, which features pigmented eye shadows in blues and pinkish neutrals, a navy blue chubby pencil, a hot pink Liquilights lip gloss, a hot pink crème lipstick, a tube of Little Black Dress mascara, and a metallic blue nail varnish.  (There was also a five pack of cute decorator stencils!)




How I used it:

I was most eager to try out the chubby eye pencil and the Barbie pink lipstick.  It wasn’t fitting to pair the two products together, however, for fear of looking like a mix between a clown and a mom trying too hard to be “hot.”  Thus, I had to create two separate looks for two separate occasions.

I received my tin in the mail and had plans to go to a party later that night, so I had the perfect opportunity to try my new bold, pink lip.  Before applying the color, I lined and filled my lips with e.l.f. Studio’s Lip Lock Pencil to create a solid foundation for the color to bind to.  Then I swiped on the crème lipstick, slowly layering to create full coverage.  I finished by patting my pout with a tissue to pick up any excess color and create a matte look.


The next day, I decided to play up my baby blues with even more blue hues!  I used both the eye shadow palette and the dark denim chubby pencil to create this look.  I applied primer all across my eyelids and up to the brow bone to ensure that the products would stay put.  Then, I followed these steps:

  • Swipe “More Than This”, the soft pink shadow, to the brow bone with your fingers to create a highlight
  • Apply “Gotta be You”, the silver taupe shimmer shadow, across lids using a fluffy brush or your fingers
  • Using the stiff end of the eye shadow brush provided, gently press “Another World”, the royal blue shimmer, into the upper lash line
  • Using the same technique, apply “Up All Night”, the sapphire blue glitter crème shadow to the upper lash line, gradually making the color less intense as you draw closer to the inner corner of the eye
  • Trace the lower lash line with the navy eye pencil, smudging slightly
  • Finish with two coats of the Little Black Dress mascara, wiggling the wand at the roots of the lashes and flicking out to create volume




What I thought of it:

While I was—and still am—truly obsessed with the saturation that the crème lipstick provided, the formula was a bit dry on my lips.  To be fair, I hadn’t applied any lip balm prior to doing my makeup that day, so I definitely will try this lip color again after allowing my lips to absorb a nourishing balm for at least five minutes before application.

I think the color is ideal for girls around my age—late teens to mid-twenties.  It’s a simple go-to for days when minimal make-up is desired but a funky twist may also be necessary.

I was really quite surprised at the quality of the eye shadows.  I liked the shades that came in the Up All Night palette, although as I stated earlier, blue eye products can sometimes be difficult to pull off.  Personally, I wouldn’t line my blue eyes with other blues every day, but for the right occasion and paired with the right outfit, the look I created felt comfortable and meshed well with my sense of style.

The shadows, especially the pink and taupe shades, were velvety smooth to the touch but didn’t kick up a lot of residue that could irritate the eyes.  The sapphire glitter shadow seemed to be the most heavy duty of the eye products; at the end of the day, it was the one that held on longest.  I also would definitely use the chubby pencil, in a different hue, on a daily basis.  It blended well and glided on smoothly.

Applying the Little Black Dress mascara, wiggling the wand to create more volume at the roots of my lashes, was actually fun.  I could see my lashes feathering out as I flicked my wrist; it almost felt like I had a set of really natural looking falsies on.  I would absolutely use this as an everyday mascara.

How you can get it:

Not to fret if you missed the opportunity to join the giveaway!  The Make-up by One Direction line from Markwins International— the brand that brought you Wet N Wild and Physicians Formula— is set to launch in the U.S. in mid-August (August 11th at Macy’s; August 25th at Dillard’s and Lord and Taylor.)

Which of the three One Direction Make-up tins are you planning to purchase?  Or will you collect them all?  Did this product review strike an interest in you or inspire you to create a new make-up look of your own?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think, loves!

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