Monday Spotlight: Kylie Jenner

Welcome to Monday, people!  The start of the week can be rough, especially if your neck of the woods has been hit with a highly unexpected “wintry” mix, doubling your morning commute time.

To make Monday just a little bit better, let’s take look at a hot new trend being set and tested by a certain stylish celeb.

Today the spotlight is on Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan.  Kylie makes long, acrylic nails look more badass than tacky, and she is totally unapologetic about it.  Before you reward yourself for making it through the first day of the work week, take notes from Kylie’s hottest nail looks, chronicled on her Instagram and below:

Stay Neutral

Kylie opts for an understated look in her most recent nailgram, choosing a neutral gray/mauve color topped with a shiny finish.  She keeps her tips filed cleanly with the edges softly squared off.

I See You

Each of Kylie’s nails is unique in this set, which features black and white nail art patterns of the human eye.  Trippy mane.

Matte Pastel

Here, Kylie models a perfect spring mani, opting for a powdery blue shade and choosing a matte topcoat to amp up the edginess.


Do these nails remind anyone else of the infamous tied-bandana-in-the-hairstyle from the ‘90s?  Kylie creates a cool twist on one of our favorite trends from the past by incorporating the intricate bandana pattern into her mani.


As if the matte black polish wasn’t sweet enough, Kylie takes her mani to a new level with Doberman dog accents, which I assume were Givenchy-inspired.

Would you try any of Kylie’s recent bold nail looks?  Have any DIY tips for recreating these looks at home?  Leave your comments below; I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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