Links I Love


Hello, everyone!

There have been sooo many exciting things happening across the internet lately, especially in this past week.  (Then again, isn’t the internet always exciting?)  Today I’m sharing my favorite URLs that have appeared on my MacBook’s screen.  These are the articles, lists, videos, and photos that have captured my attention as of late.

To view these links, and others, in digital scrapbook form (and to see which links I was loving during my blogging hiatus), check out my “Links I Love” board on Pinterest.

  • Kacy Catanzaro remained composed and strong as hell as she completed the finals course for American Ninja Warrior and empowered women everywhere.
  • 22 women in the BuzzFeed offices were asked the question, “Why do you take birth control?“  Their responses are both practical and hilarious.


  • Calling all natural-haired beauties!  Expand your mind with this article, which questions whether we should be thinking about hair in terms of ethnicity.
  • Photographer Ulric Collette’s photo series works to illustrate just how powerful genetic connections can be.  Admit it: you totally look like your mom.
  • This week, Blake Lively kicked off the launch of her new lifestyle site, Preserve, with an incredibly honest and well-written letter from the editor.
  • Nothing sweeter for summer than dainty little rings n’ things!  Check out these 12 jewelry brands, as outlined on Who What Wear.  (Ignore the price tags and just get inspired!)


  • Add the hot new film Fifty Shades of Grey to the list of things I’m excited about in the coming year.  In case you missed it, the trailer features a specially-recorded Beyonce song.  ***Flawless
  • Also exciting: Justin Bieber posted clips of 11 new songs on Instagram last night.  Despite the rumored Selena-related woes, he remains as talented as ever.
  • Ever considered adding “blogger” to your title?  The women over at Braid Creative and Consulting would highly recommend it.  Get on with it, girl!

Which links have you recently clicked on and loved?  And what are your favorites from the bullets above?  Let me know in your comments, and feel free to leave a link to your own “Links I Love” posts!


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