Links I Love

I’ve been super duper busy lately between school and work, so I have to admit that I haven’t had much time for quality blog posts in the past week.  To make up for that fact, and hopefully help to get you caught up on some of the exciting things that the Internet has been tracking, here are some links I love:

  • All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me!  (And read this article to reinforce your high standards.)
  • I stumbled across Nasty Gal while doing some online shopping and was super impressed and inspired by the lookbookson their site.


  • BuzzFeed posted this checklist quiz that helps to answer the question, “How privileged are you?”  The results will make you think!
  • This YouTube video shows an aerial view of my gorgeous school.  I feel so blessed to be a working part of this community.  (Looking at colleges and considering Quinnipiac?  Contact me!  I’d love to answer any questions you may have.)
  • Drake DGAF about your feelings.
  • Why am I not surprised that John Mayer absolutely killed this cover of Beyonce’s “XO”?  He can make any song feel like his own.
  • Andrew Garfield slipped up a bit when he called sewing “very feminine.”  Emma Stone wasted no time calling him out.
  • TOMS Shoes is working closely with local artists in Haiti to create the Haiti Artist Collective, which features hand-painted pairs of the popular shoes.


  • Attention any/all male readers!  Here are 13 signs your girlfriend is high-quality.
  • If you follow baseball and missed the New York Yankees’ pine tar controversy, this article will provide some “edification.”  (Go Sox!)
  • YouTube sensation Chris Koo channels Beyonce better than anyone I have ever seen in this dance cover to “Crazy In Love.”  Yasssss!

To see more of the Internet things that I am currently loving, follow my “Links I Love” board on Pinterest.  (That’s right…I am now on Pinterest!)

And I’d be happy to read about which links you have bookmarked recently.  Feel free to comment with a link to your own blog post, or just let me know what you thought of the links I shared here 🙂


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