Coffee Break: Blogger Update and Discount Code!

Hello, my lovely readers!  Happy Thursday!  I hope you’re all enjoying and making the most of another beautiful day.  If you’re struggling, remind yourself that after you get home tonight, there’s only one more day standing between you and the weekend.  Pretty sure you can handle that.

I wanted to provide you with a quick little update and let you know why I will most likely be reverting back to posting only once a week for the next few months.  (I figured this sort of catching up is what people do over coffee, right?  So perhaps this will be the start of a new blogging series for me!)

The fall semester started last week, so I’m currently in the process of adjusting to a new school and work schedule while also trying to find time for homework, extracurricular projects (hello, Her Campus QU!), watching Big Brother, brainstorming post ideas, and enjoying what I have left of my social life.  While I enjoy being busy, it can get to be quite stressful.  I’ve been trying to maintain my zen.

I’ve also been thinking about treating myself, seeing as I worked throughout the long Labor Day weekend and made it to time-and-a-half status.  (Is it payday yet?)  I received an email from Hautelook, tempting me with their Dooney & Bourke sale….I may just have to splurge.  We shall see!

But enough about me.  I have a special gift that I would like to share with all of you!  Valentia Skin Care has offered to share a 20% off discount code for those of you who are interested in buying their Even Glow Serum!  (Read my product review here.)

Follow these instructions carefully to receive 20% off your purchase:

1) Search for “Valentia organic Vitamin C serum” on Amazon

2) Click on the listing for the Even Glow Serum

3) Click “Add to Wish List” before adding the item to your cart

4) Click “Add to Cart” and use coupon code: TNAMRRTI

5) You should be able to opt for free shipping at checkout.

The best news: This promo code doesn’t expire until November, so you still have plenty of time to shop!

Thanks for checking in, and I can’t wait to share another post with you soon! XO

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