And to Think That I Bought It on Newbury Street

This week, my Monday started like any other: with lots of yawning, some whining, and a big cup of coffee.  I woke up exhausted, but I sucked it up and reluctantly went to class.

There was a silver living; that afternoon, two of my best girlfriends and I were set to take a day trip to Boston to visit another friend for her birthday! Boston is my favorite city, perfectly quaint and so New England.  What’s not to love about the college town?  I get butterflies and swell with pride whenever Fenway Park is within view, and Quincy Market is so historically beautiful.  For this particular trip, we planned to celebrate with a nice meal and (of course) an abundance of shopping.


We started at Yard House Restaurant.  I grabbed a classic caesar salad, topped with the most perfect grilled chicken….So yummy!  Our waiter was super friendly, and the service was efficient.  We all loved our food; no wonder my friends rave about the place!  A sweet treat from Georgetown Cupcake was dessert.

After lunch, we hit up Newbury Street, eight blocks of high-end stores, salons, boutiques, and restaurants.  While I was tempted by more of the high-end shopping options (Marc Jacobs!  Longchamp!  Zara!  Anthropologie!), I was good with my money and ended up toting a shopping bag full of some reasonably priced key spring essentials.  Below is a peek at what came home with me:

Sandals // H&M

Denim Jacket // H&M

Baby Blue Nail Polish // Forever 21

Egret Nail Polish // Forever 21

Noir Nail Art Polish // Forever 21

I am so beyond excited about these new goodies!  I’ve been searching for the perfect denim jacket for months now, and H&M did not disappoint.  Their selection is huge, so if you’re still looking for your denim soulmate for the spring, I’d suggest checking there.  I also found an amazingly versatile pair of sandal-flats; I predict they will be worn thin by the end of the summer.  I love the thick straps that go across the toes!

And of course, I couldn’t help but add a few new nail polishes to my collection.  White is the perfect balance between a pastel and a neutral and will look great with a tan, and the blue is a great punch of color for toes.  I also snagged a cheap striping brush to try my hand at some trendy nail art (posts to follow!)

Where have you gone shopping recently, and what spring essentials did you end up bringing home with you?  What looks would you pair my new black sandals with?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Feel free to link up and post your comments in the thread below : )


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