An Exciting New Network

Hello everyone!  I have some exciting news to share with you today regarding this beloved blog of mine.

“These words are my own” has been accepted to the Her Campus Blogger Network.  Her Campus is an online community and magazine where smart, professional, college women from across the nation come together to share content that is important to them.  The magazine is written entirely by top college journalists from over 230 chapters nationwide.  Her Campus is “a collegiette’s guide to life.”

Working so closely within the Her Campus community as both a writer and Campus Correspondent for the Quinnipiac chapter has provided me with crucial career-building skills and a plethora of content for my portfolio.  I am honored to be a part of such a large, powerful group of professional and successful aspiring journalists.

By being accepted as a blogger to the Her Campus Blogger Network, I now find myself among hundreds of other bloggers who cover a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and love.  I will begin to be exposed to editorial and sponsorship opportunities and will have the opportunity to work closely with popular brands and their audiences through my digital influence.

If you like what I’m doing with my own work here, please share and promote the blog itself, as well as individual posts that catch your interest.  I also encourage you to review the Her Campus Blogger Network’s list of current members, where you can explore the many blogs that are listed.

I am honored to now be a part of such an influential community of women.  I appreciate you supporting my journalistic goals and hope you are as proud of this major step as I am!  Yay!


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