7 Moments from the Parenthood Finale That Gave Me All the Feels

I know I’m a few weeks late here, but can we discuss the season 5 finale of NBC’s Parenthood?  I have been watching this family drama unfold since season 1, and my love for the Bravermans has only grown since then.  This family is so real.  Their problems are not ones you would find on any regular TV sitcom, cushioned by a soundtrack of fake laughter coming from a fake audience.  No, their problems are real. life. problems…including battling cancer, “consciously uncoupling”, dealing with autism, and more recently, coming out.  Every episode is pretty much guaranteed to make viewers shed more than a few salty tears.

If you haven’t hopped on the Parenthood bandwagon yet, I’d highly recommend clearing your schedule for a weekend in order to indulge in some binge-watching, courtesy of Netflix.  In the meantime, I’ll review the moments from the season 5 finale episode that made me feel all the feels…while also praying that NBC decides to renew the show for another season.

One.  That whole scene with Amber and Ryan cry-kissing on the hospital bed.

I’m fairly certain that I was an emotional mess at this point in the episode.  I couldn’t help but to feel horribly for both of them and for their situation.  While they were kissing and caring for each other and enjoying each other’s company, they were crying because all the while, they knew that their relationship will probably never work.  Ugh.  I can’t even think about it.


Two.  The fact that Zeke was planning to give the Pontiac to Drew all along.

Honestly, I had forgotten that Drew didn’t have a car, probably because he was frequently moving back and forth from staying in his dorm to staying at Amber’s.  The amount of work that both Zeke and Victor put into fixing that car truly speaks volumes about its sentimental value, making the moment that Zeke revealed his present to Drew all the more moving.  #feels


Three.  The moment that I converted to Team Natalie.

Because, let’s be real, I was never really Team Natalie until this finale episode.  I had very strong opinions about her and how her wild college-girl ways were affecting Drew.  (What can I say?  I’m possessive about my Bravermans.  And I also may have a crush on Drew’s character.)  Nonetheless, I’ve decided that Natalie may actually be in it for the long haul.


Four.  “Can I ask you something?”  *repeatedly smacks Adam in the head*

This moment was just a pristine use of humor and also a perfect illustration of a father’s reaction to his sons acting stupidly.  Too funny to go unrecognized.


Five.  When Joel looked at Julia and said, “I love you.”

Okay, okay.  I know he was reenacting Julia’s affection for the anesthesiologist while she was in labor, but it still meant something.  It meant a lot.  I know I’m not alone here in my strong yearning for Joelia to be a thing again.  They felt like such a powerhouse couple.  And sure, adopting a child posed some new, unexpected strains on their relationship, but that doesn’t mean they can’t– or won’t– work them out.

^^^  They’re so cute!  Pleeeeaseeee, Parenthood writers, pleeeasssee bring this storyline back!

Six.  When Hallie called her girlfriend “so cute” in the most natural way.

Not that I expected it to be unnatural and awkward, but I’m excited and relieved to see a show portraying a homosexual relationship as “normally” as a heterosexual one.  (I hate to say that I knew the second I saw Hallie brought a friend home from school, but I knew the second I saw Hallie brought a friend home from school.)  Of course, Adam and Kristina were nothing less than the supportive parents that we all know and love.  As long as Hallie’s happy!

Seven.  The fact that Hank kissed Sarah and said, “I’m looking right at you.”

Also, he thought the phrase was, “the tomato in the room”….How adorable is that?  It’s been incredible to follow Hank’s journey with Asperger’s, from his discovering that something was “off” to his therapy visits and his efforts to apply new skills in social situations.  I’m really proud of Hank and Sarah for (mostly) figuring things out.

What were your favorite moments from Parenthood’s season 5 finale?  What do you hope to see happen next season, if the show gets renewed?


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