Big News!

Hello all!  Just wanted to share some fairly exciting news.

I’m very proud to announce that I have joined the Northeast Bloggers Network, a website that features bloggers from across the northeastern United States.  The Northeast Bloggers Network is a forum that gives both new and seasoned bloggers the opportunity to interact and share with one another.  It also helps to increase traffic to member’s blogs by promoting them within a vast network of individual bloggers.

This blog has been added to the Northeast Bloggers Network Blog Directory, which means that it is listed among a large number of other blogs whose owners are also members of the network.  It is categorized as a “general life” blog, but other categories include craft blogs, fashion blogs, cooking/food blogs, health/fitness blogs, photography blogs, and even travel blogs.  I encourage you to visit the directory and explore the many blogs that are listed.  I am happy to promote and support others who are working towards a goal just like me!

If you like what I’m doing with my own work here, please share and promote the blog itself, as well as individual posts that catch your interest.  By clicking on a post in the homepage, you are brought to the full version of the post.  From there, you can choose to like or reblog the post via Tumblr or connect via Facebook and Twitter.

I appreciate the support thus far and hope you are as proud of this accomplishment as I am!

This post was originally published on Tumblr on February 24, 2014.


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