I recently began working on a still life project for an introductory level photography class.  I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as an artistic person by nature, and I don’t exactly have the most highly technical camera equipment, but I’m trying to embrace the power that the camera gives me.  It allows me to capture single moments, beautiful little things in life that may have been overlooked otherwise.

Of the four photos that I submitted for the project, this particular one is my favorite.  I took it after a recent snowfall, one of many that we New Englanders have experienced in the past couple of weeks.  The sun shining in the background, coming through the bare trees and letting light into the house through the sheer curtain, reminds me that the spring thaw is on its way.

Even today, a little over a week after this photo was taken, the weather is much milder.  I am okay with the rain because it means that the outside temperature is not cold enough to produce snow.  I’m ready to open my sunroof and abandon my gloves for a pair of sunglasses.  Hey groundhog, has it been six weeks yet?

This post was originally published on Tumblr on February 21, 2014.


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