My Handbag Haul

I’ve always wanted to do one of these, and in an effort to get my late-night creative writing juices flowing, I’m going to.

Inside my beloved Michael Kors (a graduation gift to myself):

  • My wallet, which holds various coupons, my license, a Forever21 gift card, my debit card, a laminated prayer card from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC, and some spare change.  No cash.
  • A small wristlet, empty.
  • A pocket Bible that my mom gave to me years ago.  I always carry it for comfort.  Never know when you’ll need a prayer!
  • A ticket stub from the new movie Identity Thief.
  • Oil Absorbing Sheets by Clean & Clear.
  • My glasses case, also empty.
  • Travel size hand sanitizer from my Christmas stocking this year.
  • A deck of cards.
  • An empty tin of Altoids Smalls.
  • My transaction register for my debit card, which I stopped using months ago.  (Responsible.)
  • A tube of Aerie In Love hand cream.
  • My prescription from LensCrafters.
  • An emergency poncho.  I’m crazy.
  • Travel size Yes To Carrots body butter.
  • My car keys.
  • A small packet of tissues.
  • An assortment of bracelets and bangles.  Also, a ring and a pair of earrings.
  • Lots of garbage.
  • A plastic contact case.
  • A headband.
  • Two pens.
  • Some mints I stole on my way out of a restaurant.
  • A (broken) car charger for my iPhone.
  • A bottle of Mousseline nail polish by Sally Hansen.

I guess I should clean my purse out…

This post was originally published on Tumblr on March 13, 2013.

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